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Make Parkersburg More Inclusive

**Call to Action: We Need Your Help! **

If you believe that Parkersburg should be welcoming to all people then call your City Council person and let them know you support the passage of the LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance. If you live, work, worship, shop, or dine in Parkersburg they need to hear from you today!

Tell Mayor and City Council YOU support Parkersburg’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance.

Mayor Tom Joyce: 304-424-8420

District 1: Dave McCrady 304-588-7644 District 2: Sharon A. Kuhl 304-485-8980 District 3: Bob Mercer 304-588-8074 District 4: Eric Barber 304-580-8376 District 5: JR Carpenter 304-428-5680 District 6: Mike Reynolds 304-834-0708 District 7: John Reed 304-615-9801 District 8: Zach Stanley 304-615-7570 District 9: Jeff Fox 304-428-7732

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